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About us
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A complete structure of an organization is the guarantee for the further development of a company and the better quality of the customer service.

 Operation style

Integrity comes first.  We would not allow the short-term benefit to affect our long-term growth. The customer royalty should be gain by a good quality of customer service, nice performance on Mold design and manufacture, also a smile of satisfaction on usage which is the truth for long-term development of a company.

 Customer Service

 Customer Service is regarded as the determinant for a company to join in market, which takes precedence of product itself which used to see as the primary determinant. Our company concept is to pursue higher value by providing better service through generating service awareness, innovating more service methods, expending service capacity and fulfilling customers’ needs.


Personality is to man what perfume is to a flower.  We are appreciate the people with both ability and virtue, train those with virtue but lack of ability, limit use of those with ability but lack of virtue, and refuse those without ability and virtue. We treat our employee with respect and justice and also provide them an enjoyable working environment and atmosphere. Helping our employee to enhance their performance and achieve their career peak is also our company’s goal.