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Hongyu, established in 1998, has been work on mold design and manufacture for over 20 years with a used name Guangzhou HeXin Co.,Ltd. Our annual mold yield was around 300 to 400 sets, which included Aluminum, Zinc Alloy Die-Casting Mold, Precise Plastic injection Mold and Bakelite Mold. Not only the mold, we also covered the business in CNC Product Processing with our High-precision CNC Lathe Machining Center.


Stretched more than 6000 m2 with around a hundred staffs enables us to take bulky orders and ensure the punctuality. With a strategically convenient location and a crisscross traffic network in Dongguan, Guangdong, we are capable to not only do the business within China but also handle lots of international order. Our main clients are Delta Electronics, Donlim Group, Panasonic, Alessi, AGN, Lelco, and so on, which spread out from Asia (Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, India) to central Europe (Germany, Italy), to America.  With our customers’ trust and high satisfaction, we are also looking for more opportunities to meet more customers all over the world.


“Specialize Design and Professional Manufacture” is Hongyu’s slogan. As driven by the development of Mold Field, we are consistently making forward not only from management method but also on practical parts, the manufacture technique and design concept. Therefore, some excellent achievements and outstanding performances has been made on mold design to achieve better quality, higher production and longer service life.


we would like to gain more trust and generate customer loyalty in a rigorous and responsible manner, a progressive design concept, a sophisticated manufacture style, advanced equipments and a customer-focused aim. Our faith is  “Preciseness achieves Quality, Quality shapes Brand, Brand raises the future”. 

Thanks for those who trust us, You made us Today!!  We are also looking forward to meet you here. Don't be hesitate to stop by and make some connection with us. 


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